Hi, I'm Tony Becker

I like to code and build projects in my spare time, dabbling in C#, C++, Python, PHP, Javascript, and other web technologies to build stuff.

eBay Profit Calculator

My Wife was selling on eBay and she found it difficult to know how much money she was making when listing items for sale.

When selling on eBay you have to account for eBay, PayPal, and Shipping fees and if not properly accounted for can quicly eat away at your profits.

Check out the calculator, eBay Profit Calculator

My Export Docs

I developed this cloud based app 2010 to process export documents. The idea was to reduce manual data entry by following a Enter Once - Reuse Philosophy, reducing data entry errors and the time to prepare export documents by up to 80%.

The software would check your shipment if it was subject to AES filing and submit the required shipment information and return your unique ITN from AES.

The project was licensed to company to process their export documents.

Epilepsy Wallet Card

I developed this web based application to help people generate personalized emergency medical wallet cards to help first responders in case of emergency.

Visit EpilepsyWalletCard.com to create your own Free Emergency Wallet Card.

Zip Appraise

I developed this cloud based app to process real estate appraiser 1004MC forms. It would take the data exported from the MLS and automate most of the calculations while showing the appraiser the data analysis from the data.

The appraiser would be able to generate the 1004MC document as a PDF to print, email, and save to local computer.

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Sugar Open

I developed this cloud based app to help Real Estate agents collect information from visitors. The visitor receives a customized email thanking them for visiting the open house. The real estate agent could export the collected vistor information to their CRM software.

The real estate agent can generate property flyers in PDF and online view to share on social media to promote the listing.

Visit SugarOpen.com

Property Deal Finder

Property Deal Finder uses properties listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) giving home shoppers an easy way to search for properties.

Real Estate Agents can share their contact information along with properties they have listed.

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Blackjack Motoring

This was a project for an online Jeep Parts & Accessories business.

This project was built on the Magento ecommerce framework.

Total Smog

This domain and starter website is For Sale!

This is perfect for anyone starting a new SMOG Check business.

Visit TotalSmog.com

Strat-O-Matic Play Mat

I picked up a copy of Stat-O-Matic Baseball Express which turned out to be a really fun game. I ended up making this play mat which you can download to use with your game.

Download Play Mat

Play Baseball with Dice

Here is a fun way to play Baseball using two 6 sided dice. This game can be played with 1-2 players. Better than Solitare. All you need is 2 six sided dice.

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Keeping score tutorial.